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Crypto benefits 2

by BGIFILMS@123123

This Option allows our partners to purchase an NFT, gaining ownership and all rights associated with the NFT under terms and conditions of the NFT. This Option can only be done utilizing the Ethereum network utilizing ERC20 contracts, the user must have an ERC20 and enough to cover the cost of the NFT and Gas fee associated with conventional  purchasing options on the Internet.
Once a user purchases the NFT the transaction is recorded on the Blockchain which opens a ledger for any transaction associated with the NFT, this provides transparency and integrity.

(1) The cost to purchase NFTs is based on the market price of Ethereum.  
(2) You own the NFT absolutely.
(3)  You are entitled to ALL the benefits associated with the NFT.
(4) You can Sell, Trade, or Transfer your NFT.
(5) The value of the NFT fluctuates with the market price of Ethereum.