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by BGIFILMS@123123

The Film Industry is CHANGING.

The “Big Studios” are losing ground to the smaller
INDEPENDENT Studios due to the rise of the Video ON
Demand (VOD) market, and  How, unfortunately or Fortunately
the pandemic has forced everything to be restructured.

“Universal Pictures executives hunkered down to find another way to get their movies to audiences that would be stuck in their homes. The studio run by NBC Universal CEO Jeff Shell, a former cable executive at owner Comcast, has long advocated a shorter windows policy for movies. He believes audiences are willing to pay a premium to watch their movies at home via cable, either day-and date or within weeks of their theatrical debuts, but faced blowback from the major theater chains. “

(Article Date:  Mar 17-2020:  IndieWire )

From the day film was invented, the industry was controlled by a handful of people. This became such an issue that it, created a huge a gap between filmmakers and the cinema-going audience. This divide, combined with excessive costs for production and distribution, meant making films outside of the studio system almost impossible. But now with blockchain technology, there is a way to fund films through investors from all around the world.

Observing these changes and the above industry model, we developed this Project which centers around complete inclusivity, from its creation of the script, to screen to sales, taking into consideration the emerging platform’s possibilities for financing, content delivery, marketing and sale.

SCRIPT: The script was written by a single story teller, but not after listening to many testimonials from persons directly and indirectly connected to someone living with Autism, as well as taking a deep dive into the horse racing culture. This helped to obtain a truly organic understanding through shared experiences of a wide cross section of the horse racing community making the story whole.

FUNDING: The Funding of this project, again utilizes the inclusive model by way of an amazing emerging technology in the crypto currency space called (NFT) Non Fungible Token “( check it out) This funding approach shatters every partition of the conventional Hollywood model, where usually the big studios would fund the project, and in turn reap all the rewards and rightfully so, this model of funding is done by many persons

investing in the (NFT)s. “Many hands make light work” .

PRODUCTION: The Project personnel of Cast, Crew and Administration
continues the qualification of inclusivity, with a wide cross section of
nationalities, from other islands of the Caribbean, to Germany, U.S.A, Italy,
Pakistan, and Australia.

This completed product will be a feature film, dubbed in six (6) to nine (9)
different languages to create more ( language localization. )

MARKET & SALES: Are linked based on our approach. The component to which this project centers around is the feature film that creates a symbiotic relationship between sale and philanthropy. At the point of completion, a large network would have been created. This world wide Network would consist of, Autism Organizations, jockey associations, and clubs, large social media influences and the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. All this is done through a portal designed and engineered within the website.
You can check it out here: https://bgifilms.com/heartstrings-affiliates-marketing-2/
Persons, Groups, Association, or Charities can log into this portal, andqualify for an affiliate’s code, e.g : hsac21?2. Once this code has been issued,  it can be embedded on all social media platforms, and/or websites. This will track all sales and store all commission for the owner of the code. more Sales, more Commission, more Donation. Symbiotic Relationship.

Return On Investment. This element goes hand in hand with the funding approach. The inherient value of the NFT issued in the funding aspect of the project, is now compounded based on the terms and conditions associated with the (NFT).

Here are the Terms and Conditions: